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Downland Best Advice on Drenching:

SPOTCHEK is an animal identification marker system for accurate drenching – available now with promotional packs of Optigain Drench!

Remember to send us a photo of Spotchek being used on farm to claim your free Downland beanie hat and Optigain drenching wheel!
Photos can be sent via email: or Facebook or Twitter

spotchek photo shoot 003 Picture 007

Benefits of SPOTCHEK:

  • SPOTCHEK eliminates drench duplication or omission
  • Cushions the animals mouth when drenching
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Can be used with a standard oral drench gun or capsule applicator
  • SPOTCHEK dye is non-toxic, harmless to the skin and scour-able (independently validated and endorsed)
  • Pack coverage – approximately 1500 livestock
Following a winter of extensive rainfall, grass quality and levels of energy will no doubt be affected. Optimized nutrition of Lambs at weaning, supplementing with a safe, high quality product will be vital to help maintain growth potential.


Optigain is a range of bioavailable trace element and multivitamin liquid nutritional supplements for livestock, containing a unique blend of natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and help promote growth and fertility.


Click here for more information on the product range or contact your local downland retailer.

20th April 2016

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