Did you know? Up to 50% of fresh cows will suffer from one or more health disorders during the transition period.

Metabolic disease incidences for the average UK herd are:

  • 7% for milk fever costing an average of £220 per cow to treat.
  • 10% for clinical ketosis (35% subclinical) costing £100 per cow to treat.
  • 3% displaced abomasum costing £208 per cow to treat.

These costs erode farm profitability.


A significant amount of fluid and electrolytes are lost during the calving process with transition and adjustment to a new diet and environment adding to the stressors around this period.

Correct rehydration post-calving is crucial to support quick cow recovery. Water is essential for the post-calved cow to produce 10 – 15 litres of colostrum in the first few days – critical to calf health and vigour.

Post Calver is a palatable supplement formulated to be fed to cows immediately post calving as a warm drink. It supplies:
  • Energy in the form of glucose and precursors;
  • Calcium to help support calcium metabolism;
  • Electrolytes to rehydrate and regulate body fluid content;
  • Vitamin E and Selenium to support the cows ability to cleanse;
  • Niacin and choline to help support liver function.

6th March 2018