Buzz Off

Getting the best out of summer grazing, to keep stock growing on target is a perennial problem for stock farmers. Grass is an excellent and cost effective source of nutrients, however it is well known that it can be deficient in many of the vital micro-nutrients required to achieve target growth rates. Grass quality also can be very variable and its nutritional value starts declining from mid summer onwards.
Keeping flies and biting insects in check is another problem with grazing stock over the summer months.


Special nutritional supplements can help keep livestock free from flies. A number of
studies have shown that garlic can be effective against a wide range of insects.
Garlic is a good, natural insect repellent. Its strong oils and sulphur compounds are
excreted through the skin and lungs, providing a potent scent that can help repel
irritating insects offering an alternative to chemical protects.  Buzz Off buckets containing garlic plant extracts, provide stock with an effective fly repellent solution and provide all the essential minerals and vitamins that stock need at grass. The insect and fly repellent properties of  Buzz Off can help reduce potential irritation, restlessness and infection associated with fly activity which can be problematic during the summer season.

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31st May 2016