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NEW PROUCT! Introducing………..Optilac Max

Our new dual biocide teat dip for pre and post milking   Formulated to provide outstanding bactericidal and skin conditioning properties; smoothing and softening the skin. With glycerol to soften the skin and help reduce cracks and crevices Intense, long-lasting … Read more

Parasite Control – Growing Cattle at Grass

Parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE) is caused by gutworms and represents a threat to the health, welfare and production of livestock. It leads to a loss of productivity in both the beef and the dairy industry: impacting weight gain, carcass quality and … Read more

Fresh Start Milk Replacer Range

Between 2020 and 2021 the number of cattle and calves in England decreased by 1.9% (Defra 2021). With fewer numbers, efficiency is playing an ever-larger part in farm and calf rearing management. We all know how colostrum plays such an … Read more

Prevention is better than cure

Zermasect is a pour-on solution that helps with the prevention and control of ectoparasites: Flies, Lice and Ticks. Flies are not only an annoyance to your flock; they also spread diseases and cost you money. Flies will mass hatch depending … Read more

Downland at the Royal Cheshire Show

The team at Downland HQ were eager to get back out into the world to meet with customers in person. The team looked forward to the June Royal Cheshire Show as it was a great opportunity to talk face to … Read more

Overseeding with Downland

Maximising production on your own farm is one of the best ways to manage the increased costs of inputs. Fertiliser and fuel prices are out of the livestock farmers control – but growing as much energy and protein at home … Read more

Know your Nozzle!

The Best Advice: Know your Nozzle! Ensure you are ready for action against blowfly strike. The disease is potentially at its worst from June until September-October. Blowfly Strike poses a serious welfare challenge to animals and can significantly affect farm … Read more

Online Shop closes from 1st June

Our online shop will be permanently close from 1st June 2022. Please contact your local Downland retailer (Click here for Retailer Map) or the Downland office on 01228 564 498 if you need help sourcing Downland products in the future. … Read more

Grass Staggers

Grass Staggers. Do you know your risk? Hypomagnesaemia is the term used to describe grass staggers, a metabolic disease associated with the deficiency of dietary magnesium in cattle and sheep. It occurs when the level of magnesium in the fluid … Read more

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