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5 Steps To Lambing Success

The varied weather and grass growing conditions seen throughout this year have had an impact on forage stocks and quality as we head into this lambing season. Whilst grass growth has been above average across mid and late summer, quality … Read more

Downland’s Award-Winning Advisors!

We’re delighted to share that three Downland advisors won awards at this year’s National SQP awards. The National SQP Awards were held in London on Friday 10th November and recognise and reward the achievements of hard working SQPs from across … Read more

A Natural Respiratory Support for Youngstock

Multiple factors interact to increase the risk of respiratory disease in calves and youngstock and as autumn leads into winter then respiratory problems in calves and youngstock become more prevalent, especially when animals are housed.   With figures from the … Read more

New UK Franchise Manager for Downland

We’re delighted to announce that Zona Kelly has been appointed UK Franchise Manager. Prior to joining Downland, Zona, who has worked in the agricultural industry for over 9 years, was Animal Health Manager for an agricultural co-operative. As a qualified … Read more

How are you managing the trace element gap through winter?

With housing fast-approaching, farmers should consider the trace element needs of their cattle to maintain their health and condition over winter. Having the correct trace element status in your cattle is critical to optimise health through pregnancy and foetus development.  … Read more

Let’s get ready for Rodent Season

When temperatures drop, rodents move indoors in search of food, warmth and shelter. Controlling rodents is vital to prevent disease transmission, food loss and contamination and structural damage, and is essential to meet farm assurance standards.   Effective action against … Read more

Protect Your Cattle from Parasites at Housing

Housing is the perfect time to get on top of parasites in cattle to maximise growth over the winter and keep stress to a minimum. Any animal that has had a grazing season is at risk of carrying worms, particularly … Read more

Beware Sheep Scab!

The Annual Cost of Sheep Scab is Around £202M in Great Britain1.  Sheep scab is caused by the mite Psoroptes ovis and is a serious threat to sheep welfare.   Treatment: If it is not possible to use an OP … Read more

Rumen Buffer- Maximising Year-Round Performance

A healthy rumen is the key to achieving optimum animal health and production. Achieving a balanced pH in the rumen by avoiding acid build-up is central to good rumen health and aids digestion.   Many types of diet can cause … Read more

Magnesium Deficiency:Risk is High

THE INSIDE STORY ON AUTUMN GRASS STAGGERS:   With recent rainfall exceeding record levels in many areas, concerns are being raised that the coming months might see an increased threat of grass staggers. Farmers are being urged to assess the … Read more

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