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How To Avoid Financial Losses as a Result of Nuisance Insects

As Spring arrives and temperatures start to increase so does the number of flies and midges irritating livestock. Although eradication of flies is impossible, effective control is achievable and should be the aim for every farmer. Downland BUZZ OFF offers a natural defence to nuisance insects.


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Not just a nuisance

Worryingly, flies and midges that affect livestock are not only a nuisance and irritation to the animal, they can also transmit disease so what can seem to be a minor problem on the surface, can actually result in financial losses of up to £72 per animal accumulating over a four-month grazing period when fly populations are at their peak. 

The underlying problem of nuisance flies and insects affecting cattle and sheep can sometimes go unnoticed to the naked eye, and it is only when animal performance declines that we start to take action. 


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Research backed evidence

Research has demonstrated that flies can reduce cattle growth rates by up to 0.3kg per day, milk yield by 0.5 litre per day, and cause up to 5.5kg weight loss in sheep over a 4 to 6 day period* leading to major economic losses which accumulate over the grazing season. There is also evidence that the risk period is getting longer and starting earlier due to changing climatic conditions and weather patterns, making taking steps to minimise grazing disturbance a priority as soon as average daytime temperatures reach 10 degrees celcius and above from around May onwards. 


The Downland solution

If we can help minimise grazing disturbance in the first place, this gives cattle and sheep the best chance of sustaining performance on spring and summer pastures. BUZZ OFF licks provide a simple and effective solution to this increasing problem in cattle and sheep, containing a potent source of garlic to help discourage nuisance insects. 

BUZZ OFF is also formulated with a high specification of minerals and vitamins to complement deficiencies often found in grazing to help support optimal animal health and performance. 


For more information on BUZZ OFF, please contact your local retailer or call us on 01228 564498.

*Johnson et al., (1999) Med. Vet. Entomology (13) pp. 372-376. Australian Sheep Animal Welfare Senate Meeting (1985) 

9th June 2021

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