What our farmers have to say about Fresh Start Calf Colostrum

We have been using Fresh Start Calf Colostrum for a good few years now and we find it very convenient and easy to use, we like the fact that it is a one dose pack – just add warm water, shake and it’s ready to use, no measuring out, no room for error.


We run approx. 180 breeding beef cows, a herd of 30 belted Welsh blacks and the remainder pedigree belted Galloway. All of the cows calve in either spring or autumn indoors, purely for ease of management, they are turned out soon after calving, depending on the weather. Every calf born regardless of whether it has sucked the cow or not receives a tub of colostrum as soon as possible after birth. We would not compromise on this procedure as it is a guarantee that the calf has received sufficient colostrum within the required time one way or another.


The breeds of cow we keep are very maternal and protective of their calves, so if we had to try and get a cow into a crush to milk colostrum off her for her calf which hadn’t suckled or we weren’t sure if it had suckled, then it could be very dangerous.


We have not found a product as good as Fresh Start to suit our circumstances and rate it very highly.

Deborah Powell, Beef Farmer, Worcester

16th March 2016