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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Lamb Force: Lambing Success

Lamb Force: Lambing Success with Downland’s complete neonatal collection of Lamb Force products! January’s Product of the Month: Lamb Force Premium Powder Colostrum   A complementary water soluble colostrum feedingstuff for newborn lambs designed to complement or replace maternal colostrum … Read more

Lamb Force Colostrum & new-born lamb survival

The first 24 hours is very important for the survival of the new born lamb. Read why Downland Lamb Force Colostrum is an excellent supplement when quality colostrum can’t come from the mum. Antibodies There is no transfer of maternal … Read more

Downland Lamb Force range gets lambs off to a flying start

The Awre family farm 800 lowland ewes mostly Texel’s in Gloucestershire. This year scanned at 180% including the hoggs. For the past few years they have used Downland Lamb Force colostrum before feeding Downland Lamb Force ewe milk replacer, both … Read more

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