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Yearly Archives: 2022

Optimise Lambing

Mid-pregnancy feeding is key to lambing success Nutrition in mid-pregnancy can be overlooked, but with declining quality and quantity of grass, alongside changing weather, a poor diet can impact productivity. Although very little growth of the lambs will occur during … Read more

A Natural Respiratory Support for Youngstock

Multiple factors interact to increase the risk of respiratory disease in calves and youngstock and as autumn leads into winter then respiratory problems in calves and youngstock become more prevalent, especially when animals are housed. With figures from the Cattle … Read more


The profitability of a suckler production system is dependent on every cow producing a good quality calf, as economically as possible, during a compact calving period every 365 days. Traditionally, the suckler cow utilises low quality forages on marginal grassland, … Read more

Let’s Get Ready For Rodent Season

When temperatures drop, rodents move indoors in search of food, warmth and shelter. Controlling rodents is vital to prevent disease transmission, food loss and contamination and structural damage, and is essential to meet farm assurance standards. Effective action against rodents … Read more

Stay Lice Free from Housing to Turnout*

The Best Advice Heavy lice infestations cause irritation which results in reduced lying time and feeding leading to reduced weight gain. Itching and rubbing against feed barriers disrupts feeding and results in hair loss, most often over the neck and … Read more

Colostrum Quality: Do you measure up?

During the development of the calf in the dam’s body, maternal antibodies cannot be passed on to the foetus via the placenta in ruminants.  Thus the calf is born without antibody protection and is unable to form antibodies of its … Read more

Navigate the Mineral Maze with our FREE MINERAL AUDIT SERVICE*

A free of charge mineral audit service* is available via your local Downland retailer. The mineral audit service is highly recommended to provide the information needed optimise mineral usage on farm, reducing costs and environmental wastage whilst maximising performance. Why … Read more

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