Monthly Archives: June 2021

A Guide to Fly Control: Why Treat, When Treat and What For

Flydown® TREATS and PREVENTS infestations by lice and flies in cattle and TREATS and PREVENTS infestations by ticks, lice, keds and established blowfly strike on sheep and lice and ticks on lambs. Use Flydown® for effective fly control.     Flydown® contains the active ingredient DELTAMETHRIN, … Read more

OPTIGAIN® LAMB – now also available with COPPER! 

OPTIGAIN® LAMB is a highly concentrated liquid supplement containing key ingredients known to support growth and development in young and growing lamb.  To find out more about OPTIGAIN® LAMB click here.     OPTIGAIN® LAMB and OPTIGAIN® LAMB + COPPER include:  Increased … Read more

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