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Yearly Archives: 2021

Find the hidden potential in your herd

Would you like to be able to see the potential within your cattle before breeding?  Make effective decisions for the future of your herd and your business? ‘Invisible Cows’ – Cows that do not draw attention to themselves which are … Read more


There is often a lot of focus and investment put into the pre and post tupping period and rightly so, as management during early pregnancy is crucial to maximise the number of lambs conceived and successfully implanted in the uterine … Read more


Profitability of a suckler production system is dependent on every cow producing a good quality calf, as economically as possible, during a compact calving period every 365 days. Traditionally, the suckler cow will utilise low quality forages on marginal grassland, … Read more

MIN VIT: When Grass Alone Is Not Enough

The MIN VIT bucket has been specifically designed to supply what is potentially missing in summer grazing. Early season grazed grass is one of the most economical and nutritious feeds for ruminants. By mid-May, it is usually growing well and … Read more

A Guide to Fly Control: Why Treat, When Treat and What For

Flydown® TREATS and PREVENTS infestations by lice and flies in cattle and TREATS and PREVENTS infestations by ticks, lice, keds and established blowfly strike on sheep and lice and ticks on lambs. Use Flydown® for effective fly control.     Flydown® contains the active ingredient DELTAMETHRIN, … Read more

OPTIGAIN® LAMB – now also available with COPPER! 

OPTIGAIN® LAMB is a highly concentrated liquid supplement containing key ingredients known to support growth and development in young and growing lamb.  To find out more about OPTIGAIN® LAMB click here.     OPTIGAIN® LAMB and OPTIGAIN® LAMB + COPPER include:  Increased … Read more

Is your dog as fit as a VIGOUR® dog?  

Premium quality dog food specially formulated for adult working dogs and puppies of working breeds. The range includes high quality chicken protein and carbohydrates from rice and added minerals and vitamins to provide energy.   BEST ADVICE  What is a working … Read more

Zermex w/c 0.5% Pour-On for Beef and Dairy Cattle

THE BEST ADVICE  All grazing cattle are exposed to gut worms and consequently can suffer production losses; younger cattle are most at risk of disease until they acquire immunity.      There are many products available to help with the control of parasites; getting the … Read more

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