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Yearly Archives: 2018

Murray Farmcare ‘outstanding’ award success

Murray Farmcare, with five stores within South West Scotland, Cumbria and Northumberland has won a top award as the most outstanding retailer in the UK-wide Downland group of independent agricultural retailers. Managing Director Andrew Cairns received the Franchise of the … Read more

Extra energy for extra lambing success

It is well known that 70% of foetal growth occurs during late pregnancy, however a practical feeding system that fails to meet energy requirements and prevent excessive weight loss during late pregnancy, particularly for those carrying twins and triplets, can … Read more


AHDB reports that the average beef cow returns a loss of almost £180 and even a store animal loses over £105 before support payments, whilst the average cost of rearing a replacement heifer is reported to be £1500. Improving the … Read more

A Word of Warning this Winter

Rumen acidosis is a major health problem in modern dairy farming. It causes decreased intake, poor digestion and production losses. Health costs can also increase due to an increased risk of hoof problems and displaced abomasums. The modern dairy cow … Read more

Make Magnesium Supplementation a Priority this Autumn

The imminent autumn flush of grass means the risk of grass staggers in breeding herds will soon be upon us. Whilst this lush pasture can be of high nutritional quality in terms of its energy and protein content, it usually … Read more

Optimise Tupping Performance

The main aim at tupping time is to maximise ovulation rates and conception, which impacts on the number of lambs sold per ewe which has a direct effect on profitability. There are many options available when deciding on nutrition of … Read more

Preparing for a Successful Calving Season

The high risk of dry cow disorders and diseases such as milk fever, ketosis, mastitis and lameness make mineral nutrition in the run up to calving critical to aid in their management, to help ensure a successful calving season. Not … Read more

Bite Back at Nuisance Bugs this Summer

The underlying problem of nuisance flies and insects affecting cattle and sheep can sometimes go unnoticed to the naked eye, and it is only when animal performance declines that we start to take action. Research has demonstrated that flies can … Read more

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