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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Opti-Lix Pre-Calver

Opti-Lix Pre-Calver is a low moisture, high specification vitamin-mineral lick for cows during the dry period. Correct management and nutrition of the dry cow are critical for obtaining maximum dry matter intake, increased reproductive efficiency and optimum milk production in … Read more

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What is Pro-Zest?

Pro-Zest is a nutritional package, developed over an 18 month period to provide farmers with peace-of-mind in the high quality of the colostrum supplements they use. What is the nutritional package that makes up  Pro-Zest? High colostrum protein, lower non … Read more

On-Farm Nutritionist Advisor – National

Downland Marketing is the UK’s largest network of privately owned independent merchants specialising in distributing a range of agricultural animal health and nutrition products.  We have a vacancy for an On Farm Nutritionist Advisor. To offer advice, promote and sell … Read more

Plan for the whole Lifecycle with Downland

Helping Maximise Your Lambing with our Neonatal Range. In the natural environment, lambs are completely dependent on the care of the ewe after birth. Poor mothering, either due to behaviour or milking ability, can cause unnecessary stress on the young … Read more

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