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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Optimise Livestock Performance

SUMMER AND AUTUMN SUPPLEMENTATION OF CATTLE AT GRASS As grazed grass is your lowest cost feed input, it makes sense to fully utilise this resource. It starts to become less digestible from mid-summer onwards and although it may appear green and … Read more


  Lungworm disease appears from June onwards, often peaking in July and August, in un-vaccinated calves; those cattle without an effective anthelmintic programme,; and non-immune adults (either un-vaccinated or lacking previous lungworm exposure). Early signs of lungworm include coughing, initially … Read more

Optimal Nutrition Pre-Calving

THE IMPORTANCE OF MINERALS AND VITAMINS IN PRE-CALVING NUTRITION Milk and suckled calf producers that ignore the importance of the dry period do so at their peril. Nutritionally it is the most important period of the annual cycle because it influences … Read more

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