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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Downland Best Advice on Drenching:

SPOTCHEK is an animal identification marker system for accurate drenching – available now with promotional packs of Optigain Drench! Remember to send us a photo of Spotchek being used on farm to claim your free Downland beanie hat and Optigain … Read more

Optigain; “I Never Looked Back”.

A working farm for over 100 years, Meikle Haddo Farm is nestled in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire. Managed for the past 20 years by husband and wife team Roddy and Fiona, the farm was originally started by Roddy’s great-grandfather. Meikle Haddo is … Read more

Downland Calf Scour Range

Calf Scour is a frustratingly common disease experienced on the majority of cattle farms in the UK. The modern dairy farmer and beef suckler producer simply can’t afford the youngstock losses and growth setbacks caused by calf scour. Therefore, it is vital every practical … Read more

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