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Yearly Archives: 2016

Making provisions for support of Maternal Colostrum

New-born Calves & Lambs should receive colostrum before pathogens get the chance to infect them. To achieve this, it is essential that the 4 Q’s (Quickly, Quantity, Quality and Quietly) are considered to meet the neonatals colostrum demand. Usually the … Read more

Opti-Lix Low Moisture Licks

The Opti-Lix range of low moisture licks offers sheep, beef and diary farmers a highly palatable hardened product designed to supplement grazing or forage-based rations. High Specification – Opti-Lix contains a balance of nutrients to maintain stock health, fertility and … Read more

Congratulations to Scott Brown – Farm SQP of the Year!

Congratulations to Scott Brown from Downland Retailer Murray Farmcare who has been awarded Farm SQP of the year at this year’s Over the Counter Awards! The awards spotlight individuals in the animal health industry who go the extra mile – … Read more

NEW PRODUCT: Optilac Super

Optilac Super is a ready to use Lactic Acid Teat Disinfectant which contains the emollients Allantoin, Glycerol and Sodium Lactate (which helps balance the pH of the skin). OPTILAC SUPER has a combination of humectant and emollient properties to smooth … Read more

Optigain; “Easy Feeding.”

High in Pembrokshire, just outside Fishguard, Vivian Davies and his family tend to their farm of 900 sheep and 36 sucklers. This has been a family affair since 1939 and now the 4th generation tends to the stock on the … Read more

Reduce Problems at Housing with Downland Breathe Rite

Breathe Rite – The Natural Decongestant. Breathe Rite buckets are ideal for cattle at risk from respiratory problems caused by still, damp and cooler weather or from housing. The buckets provide an easy solution to the transition phase that stock … Read more

Ratta Rodent Control Baits

Best Advice in Rodent Control Always have a planned approach Before treatment begins, a thorough survey of the infested site is an essential key to success when using any rodenticide. Environmental changes which could be made to reduce the attractiveness … Read more

Boluses Provide Cattle With Essential Trace Elements

During housing cattle undergo significant stresses, such as movement and group change, but most importantly a rapid diet change from pasture to forage. Housing is an ideal time to bolus adult cattle and can fit easily into the farm management … Read more

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