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Yearly Archives: 2014

Downland Vigour

A complete food specially formulated for working dogs. Vigour is a complete working food for dogs with tasty chicken and rice. A high quality, highly digestible all round dog food, made with high quality meat proteins and whole grain cereals, … Read more


For pedigree Suffolk producer Lester Peel, Sheep Natural Energy has become a ‘must-have’ ewe feed supplement every year in the run up to lambing. Well known in the Great Yorkshire Show ring, Lester and his wife Sue run a small … Read more

BLITZ setting the standard

Disinfection for all surfaces and equipment. Use at 1 part in 250 parts of water or 1 in 125 in serious conditions with high risk (4 or 8ml per litre of clean water).  Treat all surfaces in the lambing area.  … Read more

Worm and Fluke Control

  Worm and Fluke Control Albacert 2.5% SC oral drench available from Downland distributors. For cattle and sheep, the broad spectrum, multi-purpose anthelmintic for the control of mature and developing immature forms of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms and adult liver … Read more

Lamb Force Premium Colostrum

Lamb Force Premium Colostrum Your lamb’s first premium colostrum feed Antioxidants – Natural Vitamin E – Increased availability to support a developing immune system by reducing the risk of damage from free radicals.  The natural source of Vitamin E also … Read more

Sheep Natural Energy

Sheep Natural Energy Feed to all breeding ewes from tupping through to lambing. Use to help finish lambs quicker Quality protein sources including Hi Pro soya, to support colostrum and milk supply. Elevated vitamin E & Selenium, including Sel-Plex to … Read more

Downland Premium Stock Marker Spray

  Approved by the British Wool Marketing Board, Downland Stock Marker Spray will provide farmers with a reliable sheep marking solution. Weather resistant and fully scourable Rapid drying formulation Works on both wet and dry fleeces

Downland Vigour Working Dog 15kg

  Complete food specially formulated for Working Dogs High Quality Meat Proteins Chicken & Rice formula Available in 15kg Bags

Sheep Natural Energy

Sheep Natural Energy Sheep Natural Energy is a unique and specially formulated feed supplement to be fed to ewes to boost energy and protein supply during the critical tupping to lambing period. The high energy dense formulation will help meet … Read more

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